FASTBRACES® : The Innovative Alternative to Traditional Braces

Braces offer so many valuable smile corrections. They straighten crooked teeth, improve your look, align the upper and lower jaw, and relieve pressure on tight temporomandibular joints.

Braces also require a commitment, however. You must be willing to spend a few years having a metallic smile, dietary restrictions, and the pain of tight brackets and loose wires.

There is an alternative. FASTBRACES® offers teens and adults a straighter smile in a much shorter time than traditional braces.

Here’s what you need to know about this alternative.

Candidates for braces

Braces aren’t just for school-age kids. Teens and even adults are realizing they can also get a straight, even smile using innovative alternatives to traditional braces. 

If you’re bothered by the look of your teeth, consult Dr. Roshana Sherzoy, DDS, at Smile Center of Englewood. She’ll help you determine if braces, or another cosmetic service, is right for your smile goals.

FASTBRACES are, well, fast

If you opt for traditional braces, it can take 18-36 months to straighten the crowns of the teeth, followed by the roots. In comparison, FASTBRACES straightens all parts of your teeth in as few as 100 days. They do their job while ensuring your comfort, without compromising strength and reliability.

The innovative technology behind FASTBRACES also helps your results to last by stimulating new bone growth around the tooth roots. This holds your teeth in their new position and prevents them from shifting back. 

Reduce your risk of gum disease

Beyond how misaligned teeth affect your smile, they can also put you at risk for gingivitis — the beginning stages of serious gum disease. FASTBRACES uses patented technology to help treat gingivitis caused by misaligned teeth (also known as orthodontitis). 

If gingivitis is allowed to persist, it can lead to severe infection in the gum tissue and cause the gums to draw away from the teeth. 

Eventually, with full-blown gum disease, you face the loss of multiple teeth. In fact, advanced periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults


Before getting FASTBRACES, Dr. Sherzoy does a thorough review of your medical and dental history. She also gives you a comprehensive dental exam and X-rays, and maps out a treatment plan.

If you’re a good candidate for FASTBRACES, Dr. Sherzoy describes and shows you how they work, as they gently and rapidly shift your teeth into position. As a bonus, FASTBRACES braces are tooth colored, so they won’t be as noticeable as traditional braces.

As soon as your FASTBRACES braces are in place, Dr. Sherzoy gives you a tailored treatment plan for checkups and adjustments. You also learn proper oral health maintenance to follow with braces to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

If FASTBRACES sounds like a treatment that could benefit your smile, contact the Englewood, New Jersey, office of Smile Center of Englewood to set up a consultation. Call today or book using the online tool. 

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