Meet Our Team



Dental Hygienist

Pilar is our highly-trained dental hygienist. She has more than 20 years of experience and are exceptionally friendly. As a healthcare team member, she helps Dr. Sherzoy with exams to diagnose and control our patients oral health.

With her kids already in college, Pilar enjoys outdoors and dining out.

“My perfect day is when my patients have a comfortable experience with their treatment”.



Dental Assistant

Claudia is here to help our patients feel comfortable. She is dedicated to everyone’s well being, which you can easily see through her demeanor. She assists Dr. Sherzoy, and she coordinates all sterilization procedures and patient management inside the office. Besides being an excellent dental assistant, Claudia is passionate about her son and life.

“I am here in Englewood Dentistry to make a difference to our patients.”