Dentures and Partial Dentures in Englewood, NJ

Dentures and Partial Dentures in Englewood, NJ

At Englewood Dentistry, a denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. There are two types of dentures available; partial dentures and complete dentures. Both types of dentures are custom designed to fit your mouth for a secure and comfortable fit. The dentures are made of porcelain, which mimics the look of natural tooth enamel. Dentures typically have a metal framework that rests on your gum tissue. This allows them to stay in position without slipping or moving out of place. The metal framework also helps the dentures withstand normal biting and chewing forces. 

Why Do People Get Dentures?

There are many reasons why people may need partial or complete dentures. Sometimes, tooth loss is inevitable due to trauma, decay, or disease. However, in most cases, patients choose to get dentures because they are looking for an affordable solution that will restore their smile and give them back the confidence they need.

You can get a new smile with the help of dentures at your dentist's office, making you feel comfortable and confident again. And thanks to advancements in dentistry, your new set of teeth can look and behave just like natural teeth. Your dentures will help you speak clearly and chew your food quickly. You may even be able to eat foods you haven’t been able to before. You’ll feel confident enough to smile and laugh without worrying that your teeth will show.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is used when one or more natural teeth are missing, and it is custom-fabricated to fit your mouth and is made up of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base designed to look natural and blend in beautifully with your gums. The removable partial denture is held in place using clasps attached to your surrounding teeth. Although this appliance will not replace your missing tooth root, it will keep your other teeth and jawbone healthy and strong.

Advantages of Partial Dentures

You may be a good candidate for partial dentures if you've lost one or several teeth. These removable appliances can restore your ability to chew and speak correctly, even if some teeth remain in your mouth. From an aesthetic standpoint, they can also give you a more youthful appearance by filling out your cheeks and lips.

When teeth are lost, the function of your mouth is greatly diminished. A partial denture can restore some of the function you’ve lost when you no longer have teeth. Because they’re custom-made to fit your mouth, partial dentures are more comfortable than other tooth replacement options. 

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