Emergency Dentist in Englewood, NJ

Emergency Dentist in Englewood, NJ

An emergency dentist is a dentist who provides treatments to patients who are experiencing serious tooth and mouth problems that require immediate care. Patients with severe toothaches, damaged teeth, or broken or lost fillings often need emergency dentist’s services as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to their smile’s health. At Englewood Dentistry, visiting an emergency dentist can prevent infections or abscesses from developing in the affected region. Patients should immediately contact an emergency dentist if they experience these or other extreme symptoms.

Problems That Require Emergency Dental Care


Severe toothaches and pain that lasts more than a day or two. To relieve the pain until you see the dentist, rinse with warm water and use an over-the-counter pain reliever. 

Knocked Out Or Broken Teeth

Apply ice to the face to reduce swelling, and take the tooth with you to the dentist for reattachment if possible. The sooner, the better, so the tooth has a better chance of survival. 

Objects Stuck In The Teeth

 If you cannot remove the object using gentle wiggling and flossing, use dental floss to try and dislodge it. If that does not work, contact your dentist immediately for further assistance. Do not use sharp instruments or pointed objects to remove the thing since these may cause more harm than good.

The Benefit Of Visiting An Emergency Dentist

Seeing a dentist immediately is essential if you are experiencing severe pain, have broken or cracked a tooth, or have a lost filling or crown. An emergency dentist can assess your condition and recommend treatments to help get you out of pain fast. They will also be able to address any underlying needs that may be causing your discomfort and suggest preventative treatment options to avoid future issues. If you are in pain or have sustained an injury to your mouth or teeth, contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. Even if it is after hours, contact your dental office to find out what you should do next. In most cases, you will be instructed to come to the office for an examination to determine the cause of your pain and what treatment options are available to alleviate it. Your emergency dentist will also discuss plans for follow-up care if necessary.

If you are experiencing a severe dental issue, you must contact an emergency dentist in Englewood, NJ as soon as possible. For the best dental care tailored to your unique needs, visit Englewood Dentistry at 334 Grand Ave, Englewood 07631, or call (201) 541-8111.


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