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Where Can I Find Affordable Dental Care?

Did you know that 56 percent of Americans avoid the dentist unless they have a serious problem? While fear of the dentist can play a role, the larger problem is the cost of dental care.

If you don’t have insurance, even a cleaning and annual exam can set you back a few hundred dollars. And if you need a treatment like a filling, you may find yourself having to put it off and cause even more damage to your teeth. Even with insurance, you’re usually still on the hook for part of the cost.

Luckily, you have options to find affordable dental care so that you don’t have to neglect your oral health care. Check out these four options.

1. Dental Clinics

Your community might have a dental clinic for low-income families. If you qualify, you can get treatments from cleanings to root canals at a low fee often based on a sliding scale.

You can contact your area’s health department or community health center to find out where to go in your area. Charities, professional organizations, and churches might also hold dental clinic events during the year where you can get free or low-cost dental care.

2. Dental Schools

If you live near a dental school or are willing to travel, you can get dental care for a cheaper price. Depending on the procedure, you can expect to get a decent discount or possibly even a free service.

These schools have dental students perform dental exams and procedures under the supervision of a dentist. So, you don’t have to worry much about the quality of your care.

However, be prepared to book in advance and spend longer in the dental chair. After all, the dental students are getting a learning experience, and many patients find the lower price appealing.

3. Our Dental Office

Did you know that our office has a low-income dental care program? Whether you have Medicaid or need treatment on a sliding scale, we can help you get basic services like tooth extractions and regular cleanings.

Even if you don’t qualify for a reduced fee, you can still consider a payment plan to spread your dental care costs over time. We can discuss your options with you.

4. Government Programs

Federal health insurance programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) can help with dental care for low-income families.

Medicaid dental care is available for children and some adults. Adults often usually have at least emergency care, while children get access to a large array of dental screenings and restorative services. Families who can’t qualify for Medicaid can consider CHIP for their children 18 or younger.

Check with the state to learn about the Medicaid or CHIP application process and to see if you might qualify.

Consider Your Affordable Dental Care Options

Whether you can’t afford dental insurance or have a dental emergency, you now know you have several ways to get affordable dental care.

When exploring these options, you’ll want to have some documentation ready to qualify. You’ll usually need your most recent tax returns or some current paystubs to show financial need. Your age and family size can also impact how much assistance you receive.

Feel free to contact us to book an appointment for affordable dental care today!