crown after root canal

Why Are Dental Crowns Recommended After a Root Canal?

Over 15 million root canal procedures are performed every year in the country.

A root canal becomes necessary to remove infected material in the tooth. With 92% of adults in the 20-64 age range having dental cavities in their permanent teeth, it is no wonder that the procedure has become quite common.

Incisors and canines do not face much physical stress when we are eating. Molars and premolars, however, experience significant pressure and can easily get damaged after a root canal.

As such, it is highly advisable that you get to protect them to prevent further decay or even cracking.

Read on to find out why you need a dental crown after root canal therapy.

Restoring a Frail Tooth

Sometimes a root canal procedure can leave your tooth more fragile than it was before.

During the procedure, the dentist will have to drill into your tooth to reach the area where the infection is. In addition, before you even step in for the procedure the cavity or infection could have significantly weakened your tooth.

When you have a tooth like that doing heavy duty tasks such as tearing or chewing, it can get damaged much more easily.

Thus, root canal capping via a dental crown is essential in protecting the tooth so that it remains strong.

Alleviating Sensitivity

A side effect of having a root canal done is that some nerves might develop extra sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures.

The enamel is a substance that protects the underlying dentin which is softer. If the procedure ends up exposing the dentin, thousands of microscopic tubules become exposed to the elements.

These tubules are what lead to sensitivity. This means that you will have trouble taking cold or hot food and drinks.

Using a dental crown will reduce their exposure to the elements thus reducing the sensitivity.

Maintaining a Tooth’s Natural Color

A root canal can negatively affect the color of your tooth. When the procedure is ongoing the dentist might at times have to remove the tooth’s nerve and blood vessels.

As a result, your tooth will begin turning grey or get discolored. A dental crown will help you retain your tooth’s natural coloring.

Furthermore, dental crowns are resistant to further stains and come in materials that mimic natural teeth tissue.

This means that you will not have to shy away from showing those pearly whites.

Protection from Further Infection

Following root canal therapy your tooth can be susceptible to contamination and therefore infection.

New decay can lead to an infection by exposing the root canal material to bacteria.

To avoid recontamination (which is also known as a failed root canal) you need a dental crown to cover your tooth and protect it from harmful leakage.

You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment

If the dentist recommends a root canal, it is imperative that you protect your tooth after the procedure to avoid further damage. A dental crown after root canal therapy is therefore indispensable.

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